Lessons in Higher Ed Marketing From Taylor Swift

Posted: April 3, 2024

Christian Jessup Company Marketing Manager

In April 2024, we hosted a unique event titled “Are You Ready for It? Lessons in Higher Ed Marketing From Taylor Swift,” a workshop that intertwined the magic of Taylor Swift’s branding with the essentials of higher ed marketing. In this workshop, three VisionPoint experts walk through practical exercises to define and adapt your brand’s core values across its evolutionary stages, mirroring Swift’s journey from debut to TTPD. Fill out the form below to receive a recording of the event, as well as a workbook outlining the key takeaways. With these lessons, you’ll:

  • Learn how Swift’s consistent brand but evolving eras can inspire your institution’s campaigns.
  • Understand that your brand is more than a logo—it’s an identity that grows with you.
  • Discover how to effectively communicate this progression in the higher education sphere, ensuring your institution’s message resonates clearly through its own eras.

Download the Webinar and Workbook