VisionPoint Marketing … New and Improved!

Posted: December 20, 2006

Tony Poillucci Vice President & Creative Director

As VisionPoint Marketing has taken on a new strategic direction and grown over the past year, it had become obvious that a proper re-brand exercise be undertaken. And what better way than to take ourselves through the same process that we take our clients through when we brand/re-brand them?

We began the process by defining our culture; setting measurable business goals; and by making some strategic shifts in our business model (the most impactful being that we have sharpened our focus on online marketing, and have a stronger focus on mid-sized clients who get the most impact out of our offerings).

Next, we defined our position in the market, developed a new positioning statement, and worked on a plan for growth.

We then moved on to the core of brand development: definition of the brand attributes. These attributes are the business equivalent to human personality traits. They set a standard for the type of goals a company shoots for, how it presents itself, what it thinks about itself, and ultimately how it behaves and what it strives to become.
In the case of VisionPoint Marketing, there are five core brand attributes. Each attribute feeds the overall brand development and will be used from here on out as the reference point for our company ‘behavior’. The attributes are:

VisionPoint Marketing Brand Attributes


In this age of accelerated culture and ‘tech-savviness’, we find that taking the complex and distilling it down into manageable chunks is an art that is in dire need. We will continue to promote this simplified approach with and for our clients as well as internally. Simplify process, simplify language, simplify design.


The core team at VisionPoint is able to take on various types of work. There is a lot of overlap in the broad skill-sets that our people have, and being a small company, that is a very good thing. We are not focused on one particular vertical/industry, nor are we focused on one size fits all approach to technology. We are agile enough to grow and change with our clients as well as with the ever- changing nature and culture of the web.


This not only speaks to our optimistic attitude, but more so to the fact that our people are bright people. Meaning they are smart, but not overly academic. They are very well educated, but very much down to earth. We are quick and responsive to client needs, yet well thought out in our approach.


Yes, we’re proud of our good manners, but that’s not what we mean here. By ‘thoughtful’ we mean that we provide well thought out solutions to the challenges our clients face. There is reasoning behind every decision we make (whether that be a decision about a color used on a web site; a strategic recommendation; or a specific technology solution). Decisions are not made based on blind opinions and they are never based solely on style or trends.


We think we’re pretty easy to work with. Our client engagements typically run between 3 and 9 months and beyond, and we know that our clients and our colleagues don’t want to be working with a bunch of stodgy old grumps for that amount of time. We’re serious and passionate about what we do, but we try to have fun while doing it. We’re professional in our attitude, but we appreciate the comfort of jeans too. We want our people and our clients to enjoy their working experience, and a little good ol’ fashioned friendliness goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

The Results

With the attributes defined, we’re now able to breath life into the brand. It takes shape in the form of visuals (like our logo, our web site, our marketing materials, our office environment, etc) and it becomes realized in the way we behave as a company (in the way we answer the phone, in the way we do our work, in the way we write a proposal … or even in the way we write a blog entry like this one).

With this blog post, I’m very proud to introduce you to the genesis of the VisionPoint Marketing brand realized! We’ve launched this new web site (which will of course be transforming over time) and we’ve begun to disseminate a slew of new materials. Keep an eye out for the evolution of this brand in the coming year (and years to come). We’re excited and energized about the direction we’re heading and we’re thrilled to be serving our clients in the best way possible. See you in 2007!