VisionPoint Marketing Celebrates 10 Years

Posted: March 24, 2011

VisionPoint Marketing is ten years old this week. We’ve spent these years polishing our processes and strategic focus, defining ourselves and our vision of the impact we want to make. We’ve worked with clients in nearly every industry, sharpening our skills and applying them to our focus in higher ed. Like most successful companies, we’ve gotten stronger with every new client, every new prospect, and every new hire. Like an un-plotted novel, we’ve allowed our experiences to tell the story of VisionPoint Marketing. Although that story is far from over (we’ve yet to reach our turning point), I’m damn proud to say we’ve got ten years in. I happily raise my glass to all the folks that brought us here.

Ten years ago I was in high school, Bill Clinton had just left office, and Google was enjoying their third year in business. Also in 2001 were the Enron bankruptcy, the AOL / Time Warner merger, and Apple’s release of the first iPod. Most of us were strangers to social networks and blogging.  Smart phones with data plans were not yet considered an American necessity alongside electricity and running water.

We’d like you to know we’re humbled to be here. My co-workers and I have the pleasure of working in a place that enables us to reach our boundless potential every day. The work we do through our clients comes from creative insight and smart business decisions – it’s also an expression of the love we have of our surroundings.  The sky’s the limit here.

Here’s to you, VisionPoint Marketing. Happy 10th anniversary.