VisionPoint Holiday Traditions: Secret Santa

Posted: December 21, 2015

Tara Clinton


The holidays are a time for family and friends. At VisionPoint, we’re lucky enough to spend the weeks leading up to the holiday surrounded by colleagues that feel almost like a “real” family. In fact, we’ve got a few family traditions of our own that we enjoy year after year. 

Digital Fire

One of my favorite VisionPoint holiday traditions is our Secret Santa exchange. What I love most about this particular tradition is how much thought everyone puts into their gifts and how much that thought is truly appreciated by the recipients. Whether its a pair of VisionPoint-branded socks, an expertly selected t-shirt, a used Star Wars DVD or a subscription to GQ magazine for a VisionPointer who often claims to “not have a hip bone in his body,” you can be sure there’s a reason behind every gift-giving decision. 

Jason with Socks

Jason has always been not so secretly jealous of Zac’s outstanding sock collection.

Rebecca with Shirt

Although she loves her new home in NC, Rebecca is a proud Iowan and supporter of her hometown Hawkeyes.

Micaiah with Shirt

As an NCSU alum and Raleigh-ite, Micaiah loves her home.

Luis with Movie

Luis has never seen Star Wars. Obviously, we had to fix that.

Matt with Magazine

Matt now has a 12 month subcription to expert style and fashion tips (not that he needs them)! 

We hope that you enjoy this holiday season spent with family and friends as much we have enjoyed ours.