VisionPoint Buys a Goat?

Posted: May 15, 2012

Carissa Hoel Web Account Director


Yes, VisionPoint is excited to introduce our newest friend Bubbles the dairy goat. Now before you get too excited to come visit us and our new goat, we must break the bad news. She won’t be living with us; in fact she won’t even be living in this country.

VisionPoint is sponsoring Bubbles through Heifer International, an organization that fights hunger and poverty by providing gifts that not only feed families but act as a sustainable income. Bubbles will make a huge difference in the lives of others by providing milk to be turned into cheese, yogurt or butter and sold along with her offspring. To learn more about the impact of giving an animal or other donation please visit Heifer International’s catalog.

So how did this come about? It might seem surprising that we rallied together to buy a goat but this is actually part of our weekly routine. Each week in our staff meetings we talk about ways to give back. Whether it’s through donating time, money or goats we want to make an impact in our community and the world. This might be one of our more unique outreach efforts but it doesn’t stand alone and we are excited to see what happens next.

But how did we settle on a goat and why did we decide to name her Bubbles? After sharing all the possible ways to help through Heifer International, an overwhelming amount of us wanted a VisionPoint goat. But Bubbles? We decided the only fair way to name our new friend was to put it to a vote. Although many promising names were entered such as 2%, Dot and Petunia, Bubbles was the crowd favorite.

This peek into our culture and goat purchasing might be a little different but I guess this is another thing that makes us a little unique here at VisionPoint.