VisionPoint Announces First Ever 1-Day Website Challenge Featuring Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Posted: March 26, 2014


We love pets. Especially rescue pets. In fact, several VisionPoint staffers have rescues of their own. 

That’s why I take great pleasure in announcing that today, March 26, 2014, VisionPoint Marketing is joining forces with Second Chance Pet Adoptions of Cary, N.C. to design and code their new website. Here’s what makes the project REALLY fun: we’re doing it all in one day.

A Second Chance for Second Chance’s Website

To be fair, we’ve already done quite a bit of work (sitemapping, photography, etc.) but today is the day where we all unite and make this vision a reality. As we say in our values, no one can whistle a symphony. And over the next workday, we’ll put that credo to the test.

So if you come by the office today, don’t be surprised to see a few furry friends at your feet. And if we don’t answer our phones by the second ring, don’t fret! We’re probably just walking the dog. 

Care to Follow Along?

If you’re looking to get your daily pets-on-the-Internet fix, follow today’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and #2ndchancewebchallenge.

Special thanks to Second Chance for entrusting VisionPoint Marketing with this great endeavor. We’re thrilled to do our part.