VisionPoint and Western Carolina University to Present at CASE III

Posted: February 8, 2016

Matt Walters Vice President of Client Services


Last week, as I put the finishing touches on a presentation for the CASE District III Annual Conference, I was notified that the event had sold out.

Wow! No pressure…

Luckily, like many of my teammates here at VisionPoint, the thrill of speaking to a packed house is one of the most exciting parts of my job. If that weren’t enough, I also have an outstanding co-presenter.

Robin Oliver, Marketing Director at Western Carolina University, will be joining me to share the story of WCU’s brand-driven website redesign.

Our session is on Monday, February 15th at 11:15 am. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to hear during the presentation.

The Blueprints of a Brand-Driven Website: How to Build a Website that Embodies Your Brand Story

Far too many higher ed institutions approach website redesigns as mostly cosmetic endeavors, jumping straight to visual design and skipping past the critically important phases of information architecture and content strategy. In theory, they know their websites should be capable of anchoring a truly integrated marketing strategy. From where they sit, though, just having a site that looks and feels a little better would be a vast improvement. The idea of designing a website that’s informed by a truly brand-driven content strategy seems like a pipe dream.

When Western Carolina University hired a new marketing director, Robin Oliver knew the university’s long-term marketing success would require redesigning the university’s dated website. It would have been easy to merely give the website a much-needed design facelift. Instead, Robin chose to lead university stakeholders in an ambitious journey to completely reimagine After forming a small, smart steering committee to build consensus, Robin and her team embarked on an ambitious plan to transform the website into an engaging, meaningful and actionable encounter with the Western Carolina brand story. That meant a total re-envisioning of information architecture and website content strategy that would require contributions and support from across the university.

Join VisionPoint Marketing and Western Carolina University as we unveil the blueprints for a brand-driven website strategy. We’ll explain in depth the process of a strategic website redesign from goal-setting to launch, focusing especially on the often-overlooked phases of information architecture and content strategy. We’ll discuss how to build sitemaps and page schematics that are informed by a content strategy, show how inspired visual design is a byproduct of a strong brand strategy (and not the other way around), and give attendees a step-by-step glimpse into the process for re-architecting their own institution’s websites.

You can also follow all of the conference activities with #CASEVibe and @vispoint.

Since this is a sold out show, some of you may not have been able to register. I’d be happy to share the slides after the conference. Let me know where to send them.