Vine App for Marketing

Posted: March 19, 2013


One of the biggest marketing challenges you’ll face won’t be analytics or budget, it will be time. Website visitors are giving less and less of it these days, so capitalizing on the brief moments you have is of the utmost importance. But how do you communicate a marketing message when you have just a matter of seconds?

In January 2013, Twitter announced the launch of its new, mobile video app called Vine that embeds video clips directly into user’s tweets. The mobile-only app, which Twitter acquired in October 2012, allows users to capture and share short videos of six seconds or fewer. Vine offers an interesting fusion of video content, static visual content and audio.

Not only does the six second video complement the brevity of a 140-character tweet, but it might just be the longest amount of time you have to capture someone’s attention. The average online attention span is about 8 seconds and nearly 20% of viewers will abandon a video within the first 10 seconds. Now take into account that most ads on YouTube must be viewed for 5 seconds before skipping. Vine may have found the perfect length of time to give your video a fighting chance. It looks like pop artist Andy Warhol was way off when he said “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Although Vine is more of a tool to create content rather than a platform to share it, it’s ability to embed directly onto Twitter allows users to broadcast their videos to an ever expanding audience. Savvy marketers can now use social videos like Vine to promote their company, product or special events.

Now that Twitter has revolutionized text messages into micro-blogging, perhaps the short-and-sweet approach to video is powerful enough to carry a marketing message too. Now is the time for marketers to get creative.

Show us what you can do with six seconds by shooting your own Vine video. Mention @vispoint and use the hashtag #marketing, and we’ll feature our favorite entries in a future blog post.