How to Film a Winning Marketing Video

Posted: November 15, 2023

Joy George Proofreader

So you’re ready to film an impactful marketing video for your institution. By now you have already planned the video and written the script (read our tips if not!), so it’s time to go out and shoot! While this is an exciting part of the video production process, it also comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of shooting impactful higher education marketing videos, exploring both the technical aspects and creative nuances that can elevate your visual storytelling.


The length of your video shoot can vary greatly depending on your needs, so allow as much or as little time as you think you’ll need. If you’re on a mission to just get organic shots around campus, you could probably do that in a day. If you’re using students or faculty, that could take multiple days, especially if a film crew is involved. You’ll need to have this time planned out and budgeted so everyone’s time is spent the best way possible.

If your budget allows you to hire a film crew for shooting, these companies will have looked at your script and shot list, offered opinions, and will come on filming day with professional equipment to get the best shots possible. But if you’re filming with your own marketing team (or by yourself), there are certain things you can do to ensure the best quality video to choose from during the editing process.


Consider buying a tripod

Investing in a tripod is a game-changer for your campus video shoot. It keeps your footage stable, eliminating shaky camera work and ensuring a more professional look. With a stable camera, you can capture clear, smooth visuals that enhance your video’s overall quality, regardless of what type of camera (or even phone) you’re using to record.

Consider shot variety

When filming for any type of video, diversity in shot types is key. Vary your angles and distances to create engaging visuals. Wide-angle shots provide context and capture the atmosphere, while close-ups focus on intricate details, evoking emotion. This variety adds depth and keeps your audience captivated throughout the video, ensuring a dynamic and visually appealing narrative. Not to mention how helpful it is to have diverse shots when you’re in the editing room!

Consider lighting and sound

Don’t overlook the importance of lighting and sound quality. Proper lighting enhances visibility and clarity, making your subjects look vibrant and natural. We often don’t notice lighting in our daily life, but as soon as you hit record, you’ll see the different ways cameras capture light. Additionally, ensure the sound quality on set is clear and free from background noise. Even for more casual video platforms like TikTok, a noisy background can be distracting.


We hope you can use all of these tips on the day(s) of your campus video shoot. You can also take a look back at our articles about planning a video and writing a script, or, you can move on to our article about editing your video. Want to continue the conversation about crafting standout video creative? Fill out the form below and we can talk!

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