Top Project Management is the Foundation of our Relationship with You

Posted: July 7, 2009

Diane Kuehn Founder & CEO

We believe in using a multidisciplined team approach in which different people lend different skills to different projects. But we know that any structure is only as good as its foundation. At the center of our structure are the account managers who are dedicated to specific clients. They serve as your advocate within VisionPoint by ensuring that our team completely understands all of your goals, opportunities and challenges. By making sure that our team is doing its very best work in meeting these needs, these account managers serve as your voice here. Not only do our project managers oversee all deliverables and create a Microsoft Project Plan to establish interim deadlines and milestones, but they also track and report the status of each deliverable. Based on the scope of the work and the timing, our experienced managers facilitate weekly progress reports so that you’re constantly well-versed and updated on the status of each project. Our project managers are also marketing experts, with extensive experience in consulting with clients and providing sound advice. They offer informed recommendations for new approaches or new ways to adapt to and take advantage of changing market conditions. Finally, our project managers are communications stewards. If a separate firm is handling their public relations or media relations, our clients often include their VisionPoint account manager in meetings to ensure that the brand image is kept intact and the message is kept consistent. When you work with us, you’ll see firsthand how our project managers form the core of the structure we create between us and you.