Think Like an Analyst: Mastering the Analytics Essentials

Posted: December 19, 2019

Did you know the key to your institution’s marketing success may be hiding in plain sight? In fact, it’s actually hiding on your site – your website that is. As an agency laser-focused on achieving measurable and replicable results for our clients, we believe that understanding your analytics is imperative to the success of your marketing. That’s why we recently presented on the essentials you need to know about your web analytics on OmniUpdate’s recent webcast. 

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like, “How do we really know which of our marketing efforts are leading to conversions?” or “How can I prove the value of a certain marketing initiative?”, you may already be thinking like an analyst – you just need the right tools to help you find the answers. In our presentation, we cover the foundation you need to start using your analytics today. You’ll learn to ask the right questions of your data, build URLs and UTMs to track your advertising efforts, and leverage Google Analytics to track visitor actions, traffic, and attributions. You don’t need to wait to find out what investment your marketing efforts are actually returning.

Start thinking like an analyst today! Check out our webinar and learn how to accomplish your goals.

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