Photo of Diane Sutton

Diane Sutton

Founder & CEO

Photo of Katy Campbell

Katy Campbell

Vice President of Client Services

Photo of Dana Cruikshank

Dana Cruikshank

Vice President of Business Development

Photo of Matt Herzberger

Matt Herzberger

Vice President of Digital Experience and Analytics

Photo of Tony Poillucci

Tony Poillucci

Vice President & Creative Director

Photo of Hayley Rogers

Hayley Rogers

Vice President of Finance

Photo of Chriss Thompson

Chriss Thompson

Vice President of Media & Process Excellence

Photo of Matt Walters

Matt Walters

Vice President of Strategy

Photo of Brandi Stocker

Brandi Stocker

Senior Director of Enrollment Strategy

Photo of Anna Chandler

Anna Chandler

Director of SEO & Analytics

Photo of Stephanie Flood

Stephanie Flood

Director of Human Resources & Administration

Photo of Erica Kim

Erica Kim

Director of Marketing Strategy

Photo of Lydia Kuekes

Lydia Kuekes

Director of Design

Photo of Amanda Levine

Amanda Levine

Director of Project Management

Photo of Mary Webster

Mary Webster

Director of Copy

Photo of Carly Althaus

Carly Althaus

Associate Director of Media

Photo of Brittany Casali

Brittany Casali

Associate Director of Media

Photo of Lindsay Weininger

Lindsay Weininger

Associate Director of Business Development

Photo of Alex Lucas

Alex Lucas

Account Director

Photo of Alli Hutchinson

Alli Hutchinson

Graphic Production Designer

Photo of Andrew Cotterman

Andrew Cotterman

Group Account Director

Photo of Arin Anderson

Arin Anderson

Account Director

Photo of Breon Williams

Breon Williams

Web Developer

Photo of Brooke Brennan

Brooke Brennan

Project Manager

Photo of Bruce Ortiz

Bruce Ortiz

Group Account Director

Photo of Carissa Hoel

Carissa Hoel

Web Account Director

Photo of Caroline Daley

Caroline Daley

Senior Project Manager

Photo of Casey Nelson

Casey Nelson

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Cassie Fleming

Cassie Fleming

Strategy Specialist

Photo of Christian Jessup

Christian Jessup

Company Marketing Manager

Photo of Daniel Katowitz

Daniel Katowitz

Data Specialist

Photo of Danielle Attanasio

Danielle Attanasio

CRM Strategist

Photo of Erik Beene

Erik Beene

Project Manager

Photo of Erika Freitag

Erika Freitag

Senior Graphic Designer

Photo of Erin Ward

Erin Ward

Account Director

Photo of Gabby Robbins

Gabby Robbins

Project Coordinator

Photo of Greer McCosh

Greer McCosh

Senior Project Manager

Photo of Griffin Clark

Griffin Clark

Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Hannah Albert

Hannah Albert

Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Jonathan Maxwell

Jonathan Maxwell

Web Designer

Photo of Joy George

Joy George


Photo of Kaitlyn Burghardt

Kaitlyn Burghardt

Accounting Specialist

Photo of Kali Bushee

Kali Bushee

Account Manager

Photo of Katy Mines

Katy Mines

Senior Project Manager

Photo of KayLee Wheeler

KayLee Wheeler

Project Manager

Photo of Kelly Glendenning

Kelly Glendenning

Account Manager

Photo of Kendra Oswald

Kendra Oswald

CRM Specialist

Photo of Kiana Bradford

Kiana Bradford

Proposal Writer

Photo of Kim Shank

Kim Shank

Account Director

Photo of Lauren Bradley

Lauren Bradley

Group Project Manager

Photo of Maria Muniz

Maria Muniz

Senior Content Strategist & Writer

Photo of Matt Fogg

Matt Fogg

Group Project Manager

Photo of Megan Hall

Megan Hall

Group Account Director

Photo of Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

Marketing Specialist

Photo of Melissa Hendricks

Melissa Hendricks

Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Nadine Hawkins

Nadine Hawkins

CRM Strategist

Photo of Natalie Surace

Natalie Surace

Marketing Strategist

Photo of Nick Prendergast

Nick Prendergast

Proposal Writer

Photo of Paul Fairbanks

Paul Fairbanks

Web Strategist

Photo of Rachel House

Rachel House

Project Manager

Photo of Rachel Vincent

Rachel Vincent

Account Director

Photo of Samantha Stai

Samantha Stai

Graphic Designer

Photo of Sammy Bowen

Sammy Bowen

Project Manager

Photo of Sara Pelletier

Sara Pelletier

Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Sarah Mullins

Sarah Mullins

Marketing Strategist

Photo of Sean Krause

Sean Krause

Senior Copywriter

Photo of Sylene Cortez

Sylene Cortez

Content Developer

Photo of Tricia Frey

Tricia Frey

Web Project Manager

Photo of Vanessa Dao

Vanessa Dao

Marketing Specialist

Photo of Victoria Navarro

Victoria Navarro

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist