As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Stephanie Sumner spearheads VisionPoint’s business development and engagement strategies. She’s on the front line directing our efforts to grow successful business partnerships with new and existing clients, and showcasing VisionPoint’s award-winning services within the higher education marketing community. 


“I like to think of my role as a matchmaker, where fit and chemistry are as important as the opportunity itself,” Stephanie says.


 For Stephanie, finding that fit begins with a deep dive into understanding every client’s fundamental business needs. She then collaborates across our internal teams to translate VisionPoint’s thought leadership and innovative services into solutions that meet those needs, achieve measurable KPIs, and help clients creatively realize their brand vision. Her extensive background in full-funnel marketing and dynamic partnership-building skills make Stephanie the ideal bridge between a client and the expertise VisionPoint can offer. From both experience and instinct, Stephanie knows successful client engagement isn’t about us — it’s about the customized skills VisionPoint brings to the table to solve a client’s unique marketing challenges.


“As experts in all things related to higher ed marketing, we really get in the trenches with our clients and truly partner with them to achieve, and often exceed, their goals,” she says. 


A kid who always liked the commercials better than the television shows, Stephanie turned her childhood interest into a thriving career in marketing and advertising, after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. With more than 20 years of experience honed in marketing management, sales development, and consulting, Stephanie brings an impressive array of skills and insight to her role as a VisionPoint solutions leader. Her portfolio ranges from developing influencer outreach programs to winning global accounts to trailblazing revenue growth at national agencies. Along the way, she perfected top-notch presentation and pitch skills that resulted in award-winning recognition and expanded agency profiles.  


Growing up in Wilmington, N.C., Stephanie has loved the beach for as long as she can remember. When she’s not perfecting a sales pitch or shining the spotlight on VisionPoint’s expertise, you’ll find Stephanie somewhere on the beautiful North Carolina coast soaking up some sun and surf with her family.