Steph Answers “Why VisionPoint?”

Posted: November 13, 2015

Steph Flood Director of Human Resources & Administration

I have been fortunate to have worked for incredible employers in the past.  However, my first few months at VisionPoint have surpassed all of my prior expectations regarding work environments.

Before coming to VisionPoint, I had worked in the same industry for over five years and felt like I was stuck in a rut.  It was time for a change, and so began my job search.  I came across an opening for an Office Manager position at VisionPoint, and was instantly intrigued by the culture and values expressed on the website.  I submitted my resume and hoped for the best.  Days later, I was lucky enough to be asked in for an interview.  I could tell by this interview that VisionPoint was unlike any other place I had ever worked.  While listening to my interviewers describe VisionPoint, I could sense that the company had an amazing culture, not only in the way they approached their work, but also in the way employees at all levels interact with each other.  I was informed of amazing perks, like Forced Fun Fridays, flexible work schedules, and even the option to bring my dog to work!

Most important, though, was VisionPoint’s set of defined values that we passionately live and work by.  These “Vision Points” are at the core of the company’s greatness.  While I believe in and strive to embody all of these VisionPoints, there are a few that I feel especially make VisionPoint one-of-a-kind.


Excellence is abundant at VisionPoint.  Everywhere you look, VisionPointers are hard at work, striving to perform at the highest of levels.  They don’t simply crank out work in order to check it off a to-do list, but they take great care and pride in every task. This dedication to excellence not only results in amazing work for clients, but also produces a work environment where I am confident that my co-workers are willing to help wherever needed.  Knowing that I can count on my co-workers in this way has been a huge benefit to me as a newcomer.

Thirsting for Knowledge

It’s no surprise that VisionPoint focuses in the field of Higher Ed Marketing, due to their strong focus on continual learning.  The company stresses self-improvement and encourages employees to constantly better themselves.  “Three P Thursdays” are a monthly event where all employees take part in Presentations, Problem Solving and Professional Development.  The investment that VisionPoint is willing to put into the growth of employees, for me, is a large part of what makes it such a fantastic place to work.


VisionPoint has somehow managed to collect and create a team of some of the most sincere, caring people imaginable.  Personalities vary greatly, but one quality all VisionPointers have in common is their ability to exude genuine kindness.  This focus on friendliness is a nice change of pace from work environments plagued by cliques found in many organizations today.  I truly feel like a part of the team, which is incredible to me having only been here a few months.

Changing careers was a hard decision to make, but I’m glad I took the leap.  Working for VisionPoint is such a rewarding experience, and I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day.  I feel valued as an employee and team member, and am looking forward to being a part of VisionPoint’s future.