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Prospective students rank an institution’s website as the most useful tool in their enrollment journey. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, a website that converts awareness and interest into action is vital. It’s your number one marketing asset, responsible for meeting audiences’ needs for information in ways that shape perceptions and convey the value of your brand promise.

With more than 20 years of experience designing recruitment-focused websites for higher ed institutions, VisionPoint will work in the trenches with you, building a site that is visually appealing and allows for meaningful, measurable engagement.

A Breadth of Services

Our web services are built for success for all higher ed institution types, whether you’re a community college, graduate program, a 4-year university, or anything in between. In addition, our web work functions even better in combination with our other services, including SEO and CRM Consultation. Here is our process for a standard website redesign:


We’ll conduct a thorough discovery process to understand your audiences, competition, brand position, and the current state of your marketing and web efforts.

Web Strategy Brief

We’ll present key takeaways from the research and outline the project’s main goals and strategies that will guide our decisions throughout the remaining phases of the project.

Information Architecture (IA)

We’ll create your sitemap and a set of wireframes that serve as foundational blueprints for the new site’s organization and navigation.

Visual Design

We’ll develop strategic, responsible, and accessible design concepts for your homepage, flexible inner page, and any remaining page types.


We’ll bring the website designs to life with clean, well-crafted code focused on accessibility, performance, and technical SEO, finishing with a thorough quality assurance process.

Evaluation, Iteration, & Growth

We’ll ensure that your new website performs as expected, including post-launch evaluation reports and recommendations.

Unsure of what your team will need? We offer multiple SEO retainer options to allow for more flexible project support.

University of Texas at Dallas

Having outgrown their previous site, we partnered with UT Dallas to develop a website that reset their reputation and promoted their personality. The website now shows off the beauty of the campus and created a welcoming sense of place, charming UT Dallas audiences in ways that were as quirky as they were authentic; traits that aligned with UT Dallas’ personality. The user experience is tailored to the needs and user pathways of very specific audiences that make up their prospective student pipeline.


Our web designers, developers, and information architects bring their vision and strategic direction to every project to create web-based solutions for our client partners that exceed their marketing goals. Matt Herzberger, our vice president of digital experience and analytics, has twenty years of experience in the web world, previously working at and managing the web strategy of schools such as Purdue University, Creighton University, Texas A&M, Florida International University, and the University of Iowa.

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