A CTR triple the industry benchmark? No way Yes way.

What if your next marketing project actually made a measurable impact on your enrollment goals? A project that could provide in-depth research, custom strategies, standout creative, optimized campaigns, and benchmark-beating results at every step of the process. And, of course, a project partner that understands all the nuances, challenges, and possibilities of higher education.

That’s what you get when you partner with VisionPoint on an enrollment marketing project. From start to finish, we’re working in the trenches with you, utilizing our full-funnel marketing approach to ensure institutional success for years to come.

A Breadth of Services

Our research-informed strategies and dynamic media planning actually move your prospects through your funnel – from awareness to lead to yield to retention. We’ll execute all of the elements required for success, including creative, campaign management, and placement for all channels, driving enrollment and awareness outcomes that far exceed industry benchmarks.

Research and Discovery

We’ll assess a client’s situation through a discovery questionnaire, current state review, and stakeholder interviews.

Strategy Brief

We’ll establish project goals and articulate the core recommendations – our strategies – for how you should invest attention and resources to accomplish those goals.

Media Planning

We’ll recommend the best way to allocate your media budget across various channels, addressing budget, channels, timing, audience segmentation, and geographic targeting.

Creative Execution

We’ll build breakthrough creative work that has proven success at attracting your audiences, and will anchor your institution’s advertising for years to come.

Campaign Management

We’ll launch and execute campaigns that are regularly meeting or exceeding industry benchmarks through constant analysis and optimization.

Campaign Reporting

We’ll prove your ROI through consistent, compelling reporting on a 24/7 online dashboard, weekly progress calls and quarterly campaign reports.

Unsure of what your team will need? We offer multiple marketing retainer options to allow for more flexible project support.


The Alabama Community College System embarked on a statewide brand awareness initiative to drive enrollment at the system’s colleges. By conducting extensive research on the system’s statewide audiences, we devised a brand messaging strategy that spoke to their needs, values, and beliefs.

Once launched, our enrollment marketing campaigns saw a click through rate (CTR) that tripled the industry benchmark; it also led to a cost per acquisition (CPA) that was half the industry standard.

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When you work with us on an enrollment marketing project, you’re working with a team of experts in nearly every field imaginable. We are a team of big-picture thinkers, data lovers, strategic thinkers, creative doers, consensus builders, thought leaders, brand positioners, optimization makers, white-board brainstormers, content developers, website coders, collaboration promoters, accountable communicators, conference speakers, voice finders, image identifiers, innovative storytellers, and message crafters.

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