116,000 campaign actions over two years? No way Yes way.

It’s one thing to launch paid media campaigns; it’s something else entirely to properly manage them. And the difference between average campaign performance and the outstanding performance we offer comes down to one fact – constant optimizations informed by the data. When you work with VisionPoint, we swiftly react to shifts in your audience behavior and trends in the market so your campaigns can stay ahead of the rest.

Industry-busting KPIs and positive enrollment results are business-as-usual for our client campaigns; even in today’s tumultuous landscape. And we will ensure that your advertising efforts align with the rest of your full funnel marketing approach.

A Breadth of Services

Most agencies tend to let campaigns run with only periodic check-ins until campaigns close, with platform algorithms auto-adjusting their campaigns toward statistically average performance. Our conviction is that beating algorithmic benchmarks requires active optimization, not automated recommendations. The better we can optimize campaigns based on strong predictive indicators and our own human experience of what works and what doesn’t in higher education marketing, the better returns we can deliver to you.

While the core of our management and optimization work remains the same, there are a number of strategic scenarios in which our services in paid media are relevant and useful:


We’ll reach new audiences, establish awareness, and shape positive perceptions, which ultimately correlate with stronger lead generation.

Lead Generation

We’ll use paid media to produce new prospect inquiries, or “leads,” which we can then nurture to encourage deeper engagement.


We’ll continue reinforcing compelling messages among the audience who didn’t convert on the first visit that align with their demonstrated interest.


We’ll use paid advertising to directly encourage applications, allowing for more individualized nurturing and recruitment follow-up.

Affinity (List Targeting)

We’ll build affinity with compelling brand messaging to help predispose accepted students to see an institution as their top choice.

Melt Prevention

We’ll target accepted students and their households, inviting them into the institutional community and helping them through critical registration steps.

Unsure of what your team will need? We offer multiple campaign retainer options to allow for more flexible project support.


For four years, VisionPoint has partnered with College of DuPage on award-winning campaigns, industry-beating paid media results, and record-breaking enrollment numbers. Our constant optimizations led to an evolution of the creative concept, showing us which messages worked best in appealing to potential students.

Over the course of two years, our “It’s Like” campaign was executed on a variety of digital and traditional media tactics that included radio, TV, billboards, sports sponsorships, social media, Google search and display to deliver more than 265 million impressions, 1.3+ million clicks and 116,000 actions.


Our client partners can trust that the real people actively managing, optimizing, and reporting on their campaigns are right here at VisionPoint. Here, you’ll interact directly with your campaign managers, the people actually pulling the omnichannel levers that deliver results. We have an in-house team of talented media experts who are also stellar consultants, able to collaborate with our clients to plan and then execute tailor-made media approaches directly on our clients’ behalf.

As a Google Premier Partner, we’ve set ourselves apart by being one of the top 3% of Google Ads partners in our country, demonstrating our commitment to attaining product expertise, driving client growth, and helping our clients succeed with Google Ads.

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