Yes way, you can crush any enrollment challenge.

Brand strategy, creative, media, SEO, CRM – we’ll handle it all so you can focus on convincing more students, community members, and potential donors to say yes way to your institution.

Enrollment Marketing

From Awareness to Retention

Your success rests on the ability to engage with every part of the enrollment funnel, so we shape big-picture strategies that do more than just catch your audiences’ eye. We help you guide your prospects from awareness and inquiry to application, yield, retention, and beyond. And through our approach to reporting and analytics, we can prove your enrollment ROI on every ad dollar while setting you up for replicable, long-term success.

Website Redesign

The First Campus Visit

We’ve been building websites for higher education since websites first came to be. We don’t just use industry-leading best practices – we pioneered them. Our enrollment-minded web team has built accessible sites for higher ed players, from community colleges to grad schools to state systems. We leverage our insights and your stakeholders’ input to move through concept, information architecture, development, launch, and governance.

Campaign Management

Data Beats Intuition

We’ve been a digital marketing agency since our inception, so we know better than to “set it and forget it” when it comes to your digital media campaigns. Instead, we adapt and refine based on trends in your data. We study your campaign performance and find ways to stretch your media dollars further. And we empower you with the predictive insights you need to sustain (and improve on) success.

Brand & Creative

Telling Your Authentic Story in Incredibly Compelling Ways 

The problem with most higher ed marketing is that it looks and sounds like higher ed marketing: played-out messages and photos slapped on formulaic layouts. We’re here to help you rise above the noise. Our award-winning creative team will craft distinct campaigns that express your school’s story in authentic ways, earning the attention of your audiences and delivering results that achieve your goals.

SEO Services

Strengthening Your Digital Presence

With roughly 70% of higher education traffic coming from organic search, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of a successful enrollment marketing strategy. We’ll optimize your site to rank higher on organic search and meet more actively searching audiences where they are. Whether it’s technical SEO, local SEO, or content marketing, our team plans and creates content that adheres to inbound and SEO best practices, while always keeping storytelling at the heart of our work.

CRM Consultation

Nurture Right-Fit Students

Yes, CRMs can seem intimidating. We’re here to turn that fear into fluency. The key to making the most of your CRM is a clear lead nurturing strategy as well as platform-specific expertise. VisionPoint’s Enrollment Strategy team has a long track record of utilizing both approaches, enabling higher ed institutions to nurture leads and ultimately convert them into students. Our experts understand the urgency of CRM needs and will get to work right away – guiding you in the trenches as an extension of your team.

But does it actually work?

Yes way. Take a look at how our capabilities in action transformed our client partners’ situations.