An award-winning copywriter, Sean Krause came to VisionPoint with deep experience in the advertising world and a reputation for strong conceptual ideas, engaging copy, and a knack for storytelling. He has an instinct for getting to the heart of every client’s story and finding creative ways to turn it into messaging that makes an impact. Sean sees the college experience as an incubator of stories; he especially enjoys writing about non-traditional students — transfers, study abroaders, G.I. Billers, the kids who start out wanting to be poets and end up as chemists — and teasing out great insights and unique angles that captivate a reader’s attention.

Over the years, he’s written for a mix of corporate, non-profit and higher ed clients, including: United Airlines, Penn State University, Smuckers and Johns Hopkins University. Sean’s expertise puts him in the thick of every big content project at VisionPoint. He’s a multi-faceted marketing strategist and adept at all media—web, print, broadcast, radio (he loves radio) and social media. 

Old school, Sean starts off every project with a legal pad, a gel-tipped pen and a head crammed with ideas. As our resident in-house hurricane, you’ll find Sean at the center of every brainstorming session, tossing out Britney Spears quotes, finding associations between offbeat ideas, weaving in a lifetime of anecdotes and creating on-target, creative copy — all at breakneck speed.

With two masters degrees under his belt, Sean remains a student at heart and feels writing for colleges and universities is, in his words, “noble work.” A VisionPointer through and through, he shares our belief in education as a transformative experience. “Convincing kids to go to college is a dream job for me,” he says. “I can rest my head on the pillow each night knowing my work is helping a young person — or working adult — move toward a better life.” 

Sean grew up in Michigan, went to college in Massachusetts, got married in Mississippi, and launched his writing career in Maryland. After tiring of states that begin with “M,” he moved to North Carolina and joined the Creative Team at VisionPoint. A father of twin girls, Sean is married to a professor of graphic design. When he’s not banging away on his MacBook Air, you’ll find him on the tennis court, or reading, traveling and spending time with his girls who, in a nod to Hemingway, call him “Papa.”