Sam: My Internship Experience Here at VisionPoint

Posted: August 2, 2012


My first intern experience was different than any idea I’d had in mind. Whenever I heard the word “intern” I thought of fetching coffee and making copies. Being a VisionPoint Marketing intern was not like that at all though. On my first day here, I got to help the developers with some of the projects they were working on.  It made me feel like part of the team – an equal.

Throughout my experience I got to work on a variety of projects and learned various skill sets that are key to becoming web developer.  At the beginning of my internship, I did not possess nearly enough knowledge or experience to consider myself much of a developer, but I was determined to learn. Each new skill became a challenge that I was going to conquer and my mentors were there step by step guiding me through. Whenever I had a question, they were always eager to answer it, and their enthusiasm for the job only added to my enthusiasm to learn.

Starting with only a little bit of HTML and CSS skills under my belt, I increased my development knowledge to include php, jquery/JavaScript and regular expressions. I also learned how to use Expression Engine and Drupal, two content management systems I had never touched, or even heard of, until I came to VisionPoint.

Not only did I learn a lot from my time here at VisionPoint, but I also got to work with a great group of people. Everyone at VisionPoint not only gets along with one another, but they are all friends. Developers are not just friends with developers, or project managers’ just friends with other project managers. Everyone gets along with everyone.

Even on my first day, I had people wanting to know more about me and my interests.  Coming into work never felt like work. The casual dress code and monthly “Thrilling Thursday’s”, helped to make showing up to work something I looked forward to rather than something to dread.

I would highly recommend this internship, or any other position at VisionPoint, to my friends, family and/or whoever else is looking for a great place to work. A work environment like the one here is hard to find, and anyone would be lucky to work at such a great place.

I am going to miss coming in everyday and seeing everyone. The time I spent here has been wonderful and I would not trade it for anything. I am definitely going to try to come back and visit the team whenever I am in the Raleigh area.