Worcester State University

Digital Marketing

A School of Success Stories

In a city built on a tradition of strong, blue-collar work ethic, Worcester State University established its reputation as a quality, affordable institution built for the people of Worcester – many of them first generation students, many from immigrant families, all looking to transform their futures.

Seizing Positive Momentum

Community revitalization efforts and new business developments presented WSU with an opportunity to share in their city’s newfound progress. Their focus was two-fold: (1) strengthen the WSU brand position, and (2) launch a new campaign that would drive undergraduate enrollment.

Finding the Right Story

WSU is a place where students take control of their narratives and make something of themselves, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Our strategy positioned WSU as a homegrown product of Worcester itself, the university for and by the same people that made the city into the success story it is today. Our solution was a campaign concept for WSU that rang with simplicity and truth: Made in Worcester.

Cultivating Hometown Pride

We brought the concept to life through display ads, print ads, radio and TV spots, and various pieces of campaign ephemera like bumper and laptop stickers. As a nod of endearment to the heart in their hometown logo, we designed a heart-shaped emblem as the thematic visual element of the campaign.

Breakthrough Results

Performance data proves that our campaign is resonating with our audiences. In the first month after launch, we produced 420 enrollment-related conversions and over 190 enrollment leads at costs well-below industry averages, with a vast majority of those leads being the parents of first-time learners – a key influencer in the enrollment decisions of first-time students.