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Website Redesign

When We First Met

Many people recognize Virginia Tech as one of our nation’s leading research institutions. But for a university whose vision is to be among the best in the world, internationally recognized for its research and unique blend of arts and technology, the standards are as high as they come.

When we first met, Virginia Tech’s public-facing website failed to articulate the University’s core values and reinforce its vision and goals for a number of reasons. For one, its home page had become a billboard (cluttered by 74 different links), an experience that not only failed to emphasize the most timely and relevant content, but actually distracted users from consuming the elements that were most clearly aligned with the University’s vision, brand and content strategy.

What We Did

VisionPoint created a scalable, modular design which allows for different types and formats of content on the University’s homepage. For instance, the “Spotlight” section displays featured Virginia Tech content, but can follow one of three different layouts depending on the size and orientation of the featured image.

The modular approach serves content in a way that’s “chunky” and easily consumed by Virginia Tech’s primary audiences, while also providing flexibility to internal content contributors who can now assign different “priorities” to content by fine-tuning its placement and orientation on the University’s home page.

What We Achieved Together

By aligning the website’s design and structure with the University’s content strategy, Virginia Tech is now able to focus on telling the stories that are emblematic of not just who Virginia Tech is–but stories that actually prove how its research, innovation and achievements in arts and humanities are building toward the University’s world-class expectations and vision for the future.