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The University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business (UT Haslam) boasts a renowned reputation for its array of business programs. However, the Master of Science in Marketing degree, though promising, faced a challenge of low awareness due to its status as a newer program. With 80% female enrollment and a majority of incoming students being UT undergraduates, the program needed to grow its visibility and attract prospective students.

A Mastermind Concept

After extensive research and strategy, VisionPoint crafted a creative concept that defied the traditional business school narrative to ensure this new program stood out in a crowded marketplace. The headline, You, Marketing Mastermind, voiced empowerment and confidence, offering a glimpse into a future fueled by UT Haslam’s program, while subverting the conventional wisdom of going straight into the workforce as a marketer.

Imagery of the campus and students was overlaid with UT’s bold brand colors, sketched arrows and fonts, and a soft, sparkling glow to stand out.

Targeting the Right Audience

Audience targeting focused on in-state undergraduate marketing students to ensure that UT Haslam established the program locally first, supplemented by outreach to undergraduates in four other states with high UT brand awareness.

To this end, we leveraged a tool called venue replay, which allowed us to effectively engage undergrad students who had been on competitor campuses during the academic year. The media plan used a mix of digital media channels for awareness and lead generation, including LinkedIn InMail, Facebook & Instagram, Google Search, and Google Display Retargeting.

Lasting Results

The four-month digital campaign achieved its strategic goals, with significant strides made toward increasing brand awareness and generating leads for the M.S. in Marketing program. Impressions neared the 2 million mark, while over 340 conversions demonstrated substantial interest and engagement with our ads and landing pages.

Ultimately, these results underscored the campaign’s efficacy in contributing to the program’s enrollment growth and laid sturdy groundwork for the business school’s future marketing endeavors.

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