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An Ivy League Degree for All

The University of Pennsylvania leveled the playing field by launching an Ivy League Bachelor’s degree program. While the offering was a game-changer, the university faced the challenge of an oversaturated online program marketplace and a lack of a built-in audience.

Erasing the Asterisks

What made Penn LPS Online unique was its accessibility. Audiences were understandably skeptical of the idea that an Ivy League degree could be theirs if they make the grades, so we developed a creative concept that turned their skepticism into a selling point.

A Full-Funnel Tour De Force

With our concept in place, we built and launched an integrated marketing plan to drive growth in several online degree offerings – work that included the creation of a brand-driven asset inventory, traditional and digital media planning and buying, campaign execution and management, analytics, SEO strategy, real-time reporting, and the development of the program’s new website:

Commanding the Spotlight

Our efforts paid off in more ways than one. After a year in market, the Fall 2018 launch campaign sparked publicity coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education, E-Learning Inside, and Inquisitr for breaking the perceived barriers to an Ivy League degree. It commanded the #1 position on Google search results for coveted keywords like “bachelor of applied arts and sciences” and “organizational anthropology,” amplifying visibility among audiences who were actively searching for the types of opportunities the program offers. Finally, it delivered qualified enrollment leads at costs 80% lower than industry averages across all channels – proving a tremendous return on investment for Penn in a competitive set that features some of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

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