University of North Dakota

Integrated Marketing

A Brand Messaging Limitation

The University of North Dakota aimed to drive enrollment among three of the most marginalized audiences in higher education: military students, graduate students, and transfers. This was not an easy task. The university had over-relied on freshman-focused marketing collateral as a catch-all strategy, and consequently lacked data on who these students were or how to appeal to them.

Extending the Appeal

These discrepancies led to a lack of cohesiveness in their advertising. To help UND stand out, our campaign needed to prove the value of UND’s brand promise in bold new ways that resonate with adult learners.

A Campaign with a Connection

We identified a seemingly small message in the folds of the brand book that encapsulated the true spirit of UND: “Work hard at work worth doing.” The message appealed to UND’s core audiences of learners who had already invested into their careers and education, and were building on their own momentum with a laser focus on getting things done.

Turning Words Into Wins

Within less than a year in market, our campaigns generated more than 3,000 direct inquiries at just $1,180 cost per enrolled student – proving a tremendous return against projected revenue of $12,000 per student and an estimated 10:1 return on UND’s marketing investment.

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