University of North Dakota

Integrated Marketing

Targeting Non-Traditional Learners

The University of North Dakota aimed to drive enrollment among three of the most marginalized audiences in higher education: military students, graduate students and transfers. This was not an easy task. The university had over-relied on freshman-focused marketing collateral as a catch-all strategy, and consequently had no data that spoke to who these students were or how to appeal to them.

A Challenger Mindset

Reaching any niche audience in the sparsely populated reaches of the midwest was a tall order unto itself. To compound their challenge, UND’s region boasts more higher education institutions per capita than anywhere else in the nation. To help UND stand out, our campaign needed to prove the value of UND’s brand promise in a bold way.

Anthemic Creative

Our creative concept is focused on a simple headline: Work Worth Doing. These three words — each powerful by themselves — echo both the midwestern grit of our audiences and the go-getter culture that UND’s brand embodied. UND is now speaking relatably to military students, graduate students and transfers, many of whom have experienced life’s successes and setbacks.

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