University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Digital Marketing

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL), a hub for online graduate business education, faced a marketing challenge due to limited internal resources. UNL offered a highly ranked online MBA program but wanted to expand its reach and connect with specific target audiences, as well as focus more resources on their master’s degrees in finance, business analytics, and supply chain management.

Aligning Marketing Efforts with Email Comms

While UNL lacked advertising-focused resources, its greatest marketing strength was its email communication plans. VisionPoint studied the style and messaging of those workflows and aligned the newly created digital assets to integrate seamlessly with the nurturing messages. With 50% of site traffic originating in-state, a locally focused media strategy was first deployed, targeting business professionals with 7-12 years of experience. The approach included Google Search, Google Display, LinkedIn InMail (now known as Conversation Ads), LinkedIn Lead Gen, and Facebook/Instagram.

Building ROI-Focused Creative Assets

VisionPoint strategically designed creative assets to emphasize tangible proof points like key program statistics. The messaging highlighted UNL’s high rankings and exceptional value as a public institution, also showcasing the institution’s Big Ten status, its unique blend of in-person and online classes, and the career ROI associated with its degrees.

Delivering Transformative Results

Over the course of our partnership, ad click-through rates soared by nearly 400%, increasing from 0.86% to an impressive 4.20% year over year. This surge in engagement was coupled with a significant improvement in cost efficiency, reducing the cost per acquisition from $63.72 to $42.12, marking a 33% cost savings. Most importantly, by July, the MBA program had received a remarkable increase of 100 applications year over year for the upcoming fall semester, a testament to the campaign’s success in driving prospective students to take actionable steps toward their education and career goals.

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