University of Massachusetts Amherst

Digital Marketing

Strategic Thinking for Precision Targeting

University of Massachusetts SPHHS, needed to reach health professionals who were interested in pursuing continuing education. These are very expensive audiences to reach and required precision targeting to not waste impressions. We identified and segmented audiences down to specific geographies that were most likely to provide strong leads.

Year 1 Display Ads

Year 2 Display Ads

Leveraging Data to Reach Target Audiences

Because of the need to get the targeting just right, we analyzed campaign and cost data from Google Trends, Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner, and other tools. We worked with our client to understand what would work best for reaching their target audiences and applied this knowledge to targeting, design, management, and optimization. 

Collaboration is Key

For this project, it was especially important that we collaborate with the client as subject matter experts on the target audience. We needed their support on placing pixels, getting UTMs right, and other assistance from their information technology department. We are especially proud of the true collaborative effort on this project to ensure success. 

Year 3 Display Ads

Year 4 Display Ads

Diligent and Detailed Optimization 

Once the ads were placed on the relevant channels, we carefully monitored the campaign’s performance to make weekly optimizations. Active campaign management is a critical part of our process to ensure success. We watch performance and make data-informed improvements that achieve goals on key performance indicators.

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