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The University of Arkansas boasted a second-to-none online offering, backed by a robust department of instructional designers and industry-leading experts in shaping online curriculum and course experiences. However, the university understood that their online offering lacked the clear and distinct positioning that would put them in a class of their own from a brand perspective, particularly among their audiences of working professionals over the age of 30.

A Pivotal Time 

With the rise of remote learning in the COVID era, establishing a stronger position for their online division was imperative. We partnered with the University of Arkansas Online team and shaped a brand-driven campaign strategy that spoke to the wide-ranging motivations and ambitions of adult learners. 

A Versatile Message

From their enrollment and admissions processes to their financial aid and academic advising personnel, the university’s institutional culture revolved around supporting students at every step of their journey. We helped turn this mindset into a simple yet poignant mantra: Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it for you. 

Articulating the Benefits

We scaled the concept to program-level messaging by prefacing the phrase with the specific career outcomes that adult learner audiences were “in it” for: You’re in it for the corner office; You’re in it to find the cure; You’re in it to outsmart the competition; You’re in it for the kids; and other nods of validation to the end-games that drive adult learners to succeed. 

A Positive Enrollment Impact

In just one year, University of Arkansas Online achieved a tremendous spike in enrollment, with the effects of our campaign strategy playing a significant part. More than the results in awareness and engagement, the university has cemented their position in the online space and has laid the strategic framework for sustained success towards their goals.

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