Troy University


Facilitating a Multi-Campus Discovery Process

Part of VisionPoint’s discovery process is an on-campus Listening Tour to invite feedback from diverse stakeholders. In order to gain consensus from stakeholders at various campus locations, we altered our standard trip to campus to be a road-trip to multiple locations, resulting in an inclusive discovery process that set the stage for collaboration throughout the project.

Design Anchored in Brand Strategy

After gaining a deep understanding of TROY’s brand strategies, we focused our design concepts heavily on the ideas of warmth and community. The University wanted to demonstrate to website users the inviting, warm, and welcoming environment on campus. Our team accomplished this with elements like rounded edges, soft gradients, a warm color palette, and more.

A Lesson in Collaboration

VisionPoint’s role was to act as a true partner with both their senior marketing and administrative teams as well as working in tandem with their current marketing firm and the selected content management system (CMS) provider. We maintained constant communication throughout the project to ensure that our decisions were aligning with other efforts.

Finding the Best Fit CMS

We led TROY through a detailed CMS selection process. We began by drafting an RFP that brought vendors to the table. Then, we compiled a report weighing the pros and cons of each option, as the importance of choosing the right technology platform cannot be overstated. We then continued to work with the chosen CMS to ensure a seamless implementation process.

Setting Up for Success

Following the website redesign, we provided TROY with web content governance protocol and training. As part of this service, we created templates for TROY to use as they established sub-groups to perform a complete review of all of the pages of their existing content before migration. We made sure TROY was well equipped to manage the website content moving forward.

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