Norco College


When Norco College approached VisionPoint, they needed a visual mark that could help them elevate their brand. They wanted a mark shaped not just from necessity but with intention. A mark that reflected their startup mentality and communicated their essence authentically. And a mark that appealed to undecided high school students, transfer students on a mission, middle-aged career changers, local entrepreneurs, and just about everybody in between.

Capturing Hoofprints

To best capture Norco’s fingerprints (or should we say hoofprints?), we returned to the brand pillars we’d developed for Norco previously and two jumped out: networks of micro-communities and restless exploration.These pillars spoke to aspects of Norco that weren’t readily apparent or widely celebrated. They also sparked the most interesting visual explorations. In our first phase of creative, we presented marks that reflected restless exploration in their portrayal of exciting landscapes or mustangs in motion. While we provided a variety of choices, we were unsurprised when our partners overwhelmingly voted the two marks centered around mustangs into the next round.

Meaning Behind the Mark

WIth the core visual mark in hand, we dedicated the remainder of the process to refinement – assessing, tweaking, and reassessing every detail to ensure that each element of the final designs carried meaning. The shield surrounding the mustang isn’t just an interesting enclosure; it represents Norco’s secure yet welcoming community. The mustang’s head breaks through the top of the shield, symbolizing Norco’s spirit of untamed freedom and exploration. No element is random; even the mustang’s upraised hoof evokes the spirit of Restless Exploration by suggesting the mustang is ready to take action.

Overwhelming Buy-In

In addition to earning buy-in from our client partners, we implemented a survey to the greater campus community, prompting them with questions that would help us understand the viability of this redesigned logo. The result from that campus-wide survey? Overwhelming buy-in. Faculty, staff, and students alike didn’t just accept the new visual mark, they were thrilled with it! Respondents clearly noted how the new visual mark truly captured Norco College’s authentic spirit. 

Today, you can see the Norco visual mark not just on the website or marketing materials but proudly worn by students and community members on hats and t-shirts.