National University


National University is one of the largest universities in the nation, and yet they often found themselves overshadowed in online visibility by competitors like Southern New Hampshire University and for-profit online institutions. Recognizing the challenge, National University set before us an ambitious goal: to gain market share and become the most sought-after university in their competitive set.

Innovative SEO Strategies

The university worked with VisionPoint to determine key target audiences to focus on – active duty and former military service members and nontraditional adult learners – as well as key geographic locations like San Diego and the surrounding area where they could make a big market impact. In addition, we helped them identify key programs to highlight that spoke to enrollment goals and audience targets. Based on these criteria, we partnered with National to develop a strategy that would strengthen their reputation as an innovator and thought leader in adult online education and increase their visibility on the search engine results pages.

We forecasted Data Cube scores during our planning phase for National University.

Maximizing Visibility

VisionPoint performed exhaustive keyword research around key topic areas and developed a robust content calendar of 258 long- and short-form SEO-optimized blog articles. Our team of writers executed on that content calendar, infusing each article with SEO best practices and low-competition, high-search-volume keywords to maximize National’s search engine visibility and ranking. We also built a custom dashboard to measure SEO performance and to attribute enrolled students to the inquiries and conversions produced by our SEO-optimized articles.

Measurable Success

Our SEO strategy increased National University’s online visibility and strengthened its topical authority for key subjects by achieving 323 page one rankings on Google for non-branded keywords. This was no mere vanity metric, but a tangible ROI for the institution. National’s breakout SEO performance led to 6,931 new inquiries and 9,615 new website sessions as a result of the articles published over the course of one year. Assuming a very conservative 6.5% inquiry-to-enrollment rate, National expected 451 students enrolled as a result of the direct and indirect conversions – a $1,127,500 conversion value for the university – cementing their brand position in the online space.

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