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A partnership based on deep trust and understanding is capable of anything. After years of helping National Park College (NPC) find incredible success with their campaigns, they turned to us for help improving their next struggle: their CRM. NPC realized quickly that the email engagement system they had in place, MailChimp, was not capable of the level of lead tracking and communication automation they needed to make an impact. So they put their trust in VisionPoint once again, this time by helping them implement an entirely new CRM system and completely re-envisioning their prospect communications.

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

National Park College acts almost like a bridge between two worlds, offering the associate degrees common to many community colleges, but adding the athletics, campus living, and family-like connection often only seen at four-year universities. So, when it came to a new communications approach, it was important that we prioritized that unique connection with their prospective students.

Creative from VisionPoint’s ad campaigns for National Park College

A Full CRM Implementation

We led a full implementation of Slate from the ground up, including a new application system, student information system, and email communications system. We developed a brand-new communications plan to better nurture NPC’s leads after reviewing their previous content, tone, and audiences. Then, we completely rebuilt it with new and improved audience segmentation, drip campaigns for three audiences (traditional inquiries, online inquiries, and accepted applications), a framework that could be applied to future audience expansions, RFI forms, and campaign results tracking.

Building Process Improvements

The implementation was just the beginning, with VisionPoint showing NPC how to integrate the new system with their internal processes to use it to its fullest potential. We worked collaboratively with their marketing and admissions teams to craft approaches for the proper setup of leads within the system, establish a hierarchy for making decisions within the tool, document the best ways to visualize data, and determine how to organize student portal pages. This level of partnership and collaboration enabled teams at the college to understand the system fully and own its future for long-term success.

Success and Fulfillment

With this implementation, we were able to build a solution that didn’t just work with NPC staff, it worked for them. The implementation of Slate, and everything that went with it enabled NPC to better manage recruiter outreach, see what marketing efforts are making the biggest impacts, automate reminders to prospects, change messaging approaches automatically based on lead status, and more.

“I don’t know how to frame these results other than saying that I would leave my newborn baby with you because of the consistent care you give to us. We are so thankful to you for these results and the work you do for us.”

National Park College stakeholder

When your client partner tells you, “I would leave my newborn baby with you because of the consistent care you give to us,” you know you’ve found the success and fulfillment that comes with truly making a difference. We continue to work with National Park College, and can’t wait to see what they’ll trust us to do next!

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