Milwaukee Area Technical College

Integrated Marketing

Owning a Position as the Better “Alternative”

Today, people are looking for – even celebrating – alternatives. Alternative sources of energy. Alternatives to politics-as-usual. Alternatives to traditional education.

Turning Negatives into Positives

We responded to MATC’s audiences by owning the nickname they knew and highlighting the bragging points of the institution: low tuition, acclaimed faculty that are accessible, courses rooted in lucrative career outcomes, personalized instruction via small class sizes, and more.

Speaking to Diverse Audiences

As MATC is currently in the process of earning Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) designation, we are encouraging MATC to go beyond simply translating their marketing materials in Spanish, and instead, to test the success of these marketing messages, both in English and in Spanish.

A Full Recovery

Our campaigns helped drive a 5% increase in spring full-time equivalent enrollments at MATC, along with semester-over-semester increases in first-time applications.

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