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Kutztown University recognized the changing landscape of MBA education and saw an opportunity to introduce their innovative new MBA curriculum. However, their challenge lay in communicating the unique value proposition of their program. Partnering with VisionPoint, Kutztown aimed to build brand awareness, elevate perception, and increase enrollment for their MBA.

Foundational Research

VisionPoint delved into the landscape not only of Kutztown’s offerings but also its competitors and the broader post-COVID MBA environment. With a keen local focus, two distinct audience segments emerged: prospective college seniors from specific Pennsylvania universities with business interests, and early to mid-career professionals in Pennsylvania seeking career advancement or a career pivot.

A Custom Approach

Tailored marketing strategies were developed for each segment, emphasizing affordability, time to completion, location, reputation, and career return on investment. Additionally, Kutztown’s unique “earn as you go” MBA approach became a key messaging focal point, highlighting how students could gain meaningful credentials even before graduation.

Transformative Results

In just one year, Kutztown University experienced a remarkable doubling of MBA student headcount, with the associate dean communicating that the program had reached capacity months before the start of the semester. The campaign conversion rate skyrocketed from 2.43% to an impressive 9.19% in that same one-year span, with click-through rates (CTR) leaping from 1.47% to 4.46% and cost per acquisition (CPA) plummeting from $55.04 to $18.12. These outcomes not only reflected the success of the marketing campaign but also affirmed Kutztown University’s position as a leader in MBA education in Pennsylvania.

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