A client-facing strategic consultant within VisionPoint’s web strategy group, Phoebe Simon is our go-to lead for website redesign projects. She nimbly manages cross-functional teams of information architects, designers, developers and CMS implementation partners through every phase of a project—from the earliest sales pitch through to strategy, IA, design, development, launch, and site governance. 

When it comes to client work, Phoebe is a triple threat performer: she has great insight into what our clients need to engage their target audiences, the analytical skills to recognize strategic opportunities and identify challenges before they surface, and the experience to leverage best practices to arrive at nuanced solutions for each client depending on their unique goals. She’s worked in fast-paced agencies and spent nearly 10 years in higher education marketing and website strategy, honing her skills in content strategy, user testing, SEO, PPC campaign management, and analytics training.

As a senior and trusted advocate for her clients, Phoebe uses her skills and experience to ensure every project component works in tandem to achieve a client’s targeted goals and objectives. “My main role at VisionPoint Marketing is to be a champion for our clients,” says Phoebe, “and to make sure we are using our resources in the most responsible way to get our clients the best possible results.”

Phoebe’s passion for leading teams to produce outstanding, on-strategy work is matched by her enthusiasm for building and growing relationships at every level of a client’s organizational structure, from senior leadership to day-to-day project contacts. She works closely in partnership with her clients to understand and define their UX vision and document every detail and requirement necessary to create complete and engaging solutions that meet each client’s needs. 

When she is not working her leadership magic for VisionPoint client’s, Phoebe is project managing a home team of husband, two young children, and a cat named Little Bits. Phoebe and her family relocated to Chapel Hill from Iowa City, and are thrilled with the weather and the people they’ve encountered here in North Carolina. An outdoor enthusiast, she loves camping, exploring nature, white water rafting, yoga, running, and eating...especially eating.