Our Conference Booth Gets a Makeover for AMA’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

Posted: November 4, 2014

Tara Clinton


One of the things we love most about working in higher ed is having the chance to attend conferences with our fellow industry professionals. It’s always a blast seeing the spectacular work that others are doing. For us, the best thing about each conference is meeting new professionals in the industry and learning about their challenges and accomplishments.

It’s in that spirit that we decided to make a change to our conference booth. We wanted to take an exhibit that was previously focused on our work, and make it more about the challenges facing you the higher ed community. Drawing inspiration from the countless stories we’ve heard at conferences gone by, we came up with something we think is pretty cool.

Starting at this year’s AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, we’re rolling out a new look that’s better than ever before in three key ways:

1. We’ve created a new space for you to talk shop with fellow industry pros.

That’s the best part of attending conferences anyway, right? With AMA being one of the most highly attended conferences our industry has to offer, finding a place to relax and talk with others can sometimes be challenge. We’ll be sporting our trademark orange floor with new space for you to enjoy a beverage or chat freely with colleagues.

2. We’ve added some awesome new conference swag (you’ll see.).

Ah, conference swag. Even if you’re not a fan of wandering the exhibit hall, at least there are always goodies to take home. While AMA will have more than enough awesome happenings to keep your attention, you can bet there’s a good chance you’ll leave with enough koozies, pens, and coasters to host a pretty killer office party.

This time around, we’re throwing our hat into the ring. We won’t say what it is just yet, but we’re giving away something pretty cool to anyone who swings by our booth.

3. We’ve made you the hero in an awesome story.

Every institution has its own unique story, and no good story is complete without contribution from a chorus of lead and supporting characters ― each of whom work together to accomplish an overarching set of goals. The trouble is, sometimes those characters don’t always play together as nicely as we’d like, making fellow heroes seem more like villains standing in the way of you doing your job well.

At VisionPoint Marketing, we understand that your circumstances change every day, no matter what your role. We also understand that even the best heroes need a sidekick. While we can’t help you rescue a damsel in distress or fight a mythical dragon, we can help your institution meet its marketing goals. Swing by our conference booth to learn what’s standing in the way of your happily-ever-after.

The AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education is right around the corner. Let us know if you’ll be attending and we’ll make a point to shake your hand. In the meantime, we’re pumped for an awesome conference.