Onward and Upward: VisionPoint Celebrates Move to Newly Constructed Office in Raleigh, NC

Posted: October 3, 2016

Tony Poillucci Vice President & Creative Director

After months of brainstorming, planning, architecting, selecting and finalizing, we are thrilled to have officially moved and settled into our new office space! Saying farewell to Lynn Road was bittersweet, but our new headquarters represents a watershed moment in the growth of our company, enabling us to continue moving onward and upward (by the way, we’re hiring!).

Our vision for the new office was to emphasize our focus on serving higher education. The design of the space serves as a constant reminder of what we do and why we do it.

Open Office Space

While we take our work very seriously, we felt it was important to incorporate a few playful elements into our new office to inspire creativity and collaboration. In addition to each VisionPointer having their own individual workspace within the new open layout, we’re excited to introduce several new “themed spaces” that can be used to host meetings, brainstorms, professional development, client workshops and possibly the occasional game of darts.

The Business School

We work with a number of business schools around the country, so it seemed fitting to give one of our shared spaces more of a business school feel. The room is specially designed to accommodate video conferences and small group meetings.

Based on what we’ve seen in our travels to different business school campuses, we chose Herman Miller furniture to provide a modern yet professional look. A whiteboard wall completes the space by providing an opportunity to think creatively and clearly communicate new ideas.

The Dorm Room

Because most undergraduate experiences begin in a dorm room, we thought it was only fitting to build one into our new office space. Although the furniture will be an upgrade from your typical dorm room, we’ve created a relaxed and playful atmosphere which invites teams to feel “at home.”

Dorm Room

This room features another white board wall, a comfortable couch and the infamous red spun chair (which is almost more fun than we can handle)! There have been talks of a dart board, but leadership is questioning the team’s hand-eye coordination and wondering how much damage the wall itself can endure.

The Art School

This space is our shout-out to all of the art and design schools who’ve served us. With several art school graduates on our Creative team, we had to ensure that their educational background was well represented.

The room features framed screen prints from over 80 different artists. We anticipate coming up with some beautifully innovative visual design concepts while meeting in this room.

The Lab

The biggest room in the office, this is our place to experiment. The room itself is 30 feet long with one white board wall. That’s right, we’re talking about a 30 foot long, floor to ceiling white board. The floors are even are a tad experimental, with a variety of large, colorful tiles. This space also features a 75” LED monitor that’s perfect for Lunch n Learns, workshops and other presentations and events we look forward to hosting.


All of the furniture in the Lab is on wheels so that it can be moved around to accommodate anything from a staff meeting to a creative brainstorm. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a company yoga class. If you’re curious as to what’s going on in The Lab, it won’t difficult to find out since many of the walls surrounding this room are glass.

The Library

No college or university campus would be complete without a library. We decided to go for a more traditional look here with darker wood floor and brown leather chairs.

This will be a perfect space for our team to escape to a quiet, relaxed room design for reading or small group meetings. In our Library, you’ll also find a variety of helpful resources focused on strategy, user experience, visual design, content strategy, integrated marketing and more.

The Break Room

It’s important to our culture that we take time away from our desks to enjoy each other on a personal level. What better way to do that than by enjoying a delicious lunch spread out on a large, bar-height table with the sun streaming in the windows?

Break Room

We’re excited to see how this new office will enable us to improve our work and grow as a company. There’s so much potential here with more room than ever to expand. If you’re interested in seeing the new space for yourself, let us know and we’ll set up a time for you to drop by.