As a Web Developer specializing in responsive design and interactivity, Matt Dennis helps bring each client’s vision for their website to life. Whether he’s figuring out a clever solution to a tricky request for styling or adding unique responsive and interactive components to his site, Matt loves building web projects that draw users in and fully engage them. 

At VisionPoint, Matt leads the way in translating visual designs into functional HTML and CSS. It’s a complex endeavor, so he collaborates closely with our designers and strategists to ensure that the technical aspects of our projects are viable, and fully address his client’s technical needs. Whether it is a front-end only project or a website he is developing in a CMS like Drupal 8, Matt is always excited to dive in and code.

“For me, some of the best moments in a project come when I can step back with other developers and hear from a client that the work we’ve done for them is executing their vision and helping them achieve their goals,” he says. With Matt on the job, that happens pretty often.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Matt honed his skills in a program that focused on balancing traditional and digital media design with user-facing development. 

He immediately put those skills to work when he began his professional career as an interactive developer, building eLearning courses and interactive training solutions for pharmaceutical companies and sales and healthcare professionals. Matt moved on to work on full website redesign, software development, and front-end mobile development projects. In his spare time, he also built a webcomic site and managed the community that followed it. 

A firm believer in the all-who-wander-are-not-lost philosophy, Matt loves to, well, wander, and to focus on enjoying the moment. After moving here from Rochester, NY, he enjoys exploring the area and finding new places to unwind and eat, especially cafes. Thanks to the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” travel to Iceland is definitely on his bucket list.