Marija, our Integrated Marketing Project Coordinator, is responsible for the day-to-day management and execution of strategies developed by the integrated marketing team at VisionPoint. Whether she’s helping us develop detailed project plans or monitoring projects and escalating any issues that need solutions, Marija makes sure our project wheels are oiled and running smoothly. 

Marija is one of our most organized and detail-oriented team members; thanks to her excellent juggling skills, she gracefully shepherds multiple projects at a time, keeping us on track and ensuring that we not only meet, but exceed, our client expectations and goals. Marija’s eye for detail is put to excellent use on a day-to-day basis as one of her main responsibilities is to accurately organize and track all media and advertising purchases and vendor communication — no small job in a busy marketing agency like VisionPoint.

Marija’s excellent management and project skills were developed in her native Serbia, where she worked as a project coordinator and marketing specialist for a website development agency in Belgrade. There, she collaborated closely with clients, listening to their wants and needs, while at the same time organizing internal teams, assigning and maintaining tasks, and taking care of deadlines. 

Here at VisionPoint Marija’s mantra is, “Smooth and easy. I want to make sure everything runs well, with no stress, but absolutely on deadline!”

Marija and her husband are having fun experiencing U.S. culture and trying out a whole new world of food. Marija is super friendly and very adaptable, though she admits to hating cold weather. (Thankfully, according to Marija, it’s not as cold in North Carolina as it is in Serbia.)  On her to do list: exploring the North Carolina coast, a guaranteed cold-weather cure.