March Madness at VisionPoint

Posted: March 20, 2014


Living in the Research Triangle Park area, I always feel like I have a great chance of winning my bracket pool every March. There’s always that group of loyalists that send their alma mater to the Final Four every year (even as a double-digit seed) and the plethora of college teams in the Triangle gives my unbiased look at the field a great advantage. I’d probably be one of those people too if my Nittany Lions would ever make the tourney (go Penn State!). Lucky for me, I get to fall back to my competitive number-crunching ways to make my picks.

Our annual VisionPoint bracket pool (even with the small sample size) has a good number of picking styles. We’re all a little better in how we make our selections, so I surveyed the office with the following choices of picking styles to see which each person identified with the most.

The Number Crunchers

Data-driven selections and logic, please. There’s got to be an algorithm out there somewhere to make the most accurate picks.

  • Justin
  • Cory
  • Brad
  • Turner

True Competitor (Win at all costs.)

Whether the prize is substantial or you’re playing for bragging rights, some people just love to compete and win. These people may go to great lengths to find information that gives them a competitive edge.

  • Zac
  • Alex


Everyone loves a good upset, especially when they can say they predicted it! Who cares if I missed half the first round, I picked the 15 seed over the 2 and got it right!

  • Steven

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING (so I ask someone else who does).

They don’t know a thing about college basketball or what teams rule the hardwood, but no matter.The true beauty of having an office bracket pool is that anyone can win, whether you’re an aspiring ESPN bracketologist or not.

  • Gail
  • Blair
  • Carissa

My alma mater will win. (hopeless fanatic)

Must. Remain. Loyal… (because if I pick another team, I’m a traitor!)

  • Dwight
  • Jason
  • Diane

Emotion guides me!

Statistics, smatistics. These VisionPoint team members go with their gut and make picks based on the teams whose stories move them most.

  • Matt
  • Tara
  • Clara
  • Diana

Pretty colors, mascots and branding?

Every pool seems to have that one person who loves the color orange, or maybe picks the mascot that would beat up the other mascot, or chooses based on which logo they like better. And they win. And the rest of us groan.

  • Tony

It’s tournament time and the VisionPoint team has made its picks. You can check out our group results on ESPN Tournament Challenge as the games happen, and after the madness concludes we’ll update everyone on the picking style that ended up doing the best! May the odds ever be in your favor!