Lunch & Learn: Mobile Edition

Posted: October 11, 2011


On October 5th, several of the VisionPoint interns got together to present a Lunch & Learn on the topic of mobile devices. We decided to abandon the typical slide presentation style for a “desktop” format, where all of the information to be presented resides on one surface, and zooming in and out reveals different sections of information (prezi). We were amazed at the ease of use of prezi, and enjoyed developing a presentation on it.

Kenecia, the Production Assistant Intern, began by giving us all a brief history of mobile applications, and how the “app” came to be. ┬áSocial Media Intern Matt then gave us some interesting information on the current status of the mobile industry (including a picture of REAL angry birds), as well as costs of building an application. I then concluded the presentation by introducing several possible futures of applications, and how technology could shape the way we view them.

We all enjoyed researching the history of mobile applications, and learned quite a bit about how they are deployed. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the presentation and learned something about mobile applications that they can use in their work here at VisionPoint!