Luis Answers “Why VisionPoint?”

Posted: October 16, 2015


As a graphic design major at The Art Institute of Raleigh Durham, my expectation was that I would get my first job out of school as a basic production designer. I’d probably be designing ads every day without much room for new ideas or innovation. This wasn’t my first choice, but I knew that this was how most designers got some experience and got their foot in the door.

I started applying for jobs about three months before graduation. The more I searched, the more I realized that Raleigh had opportunities for me to work at an agency with interesting clients and challenging creative projects. With all of the new opportunities to explore, I decided to narrow it down based on the focus of each agency. My goal was to find a place with a real sense of purpose. Not just a place where I could design, but a place where my designs would make a real impact.

My first interview at VisionPoint immediately showed me the sense of purpose that I was looking for. Careful thought and strategy are put into every decision. Everything has value and purpose. That’s what really grabbed my attention. This deliberate attention to strategic decision making sealed the deal. I knew I wanted to work for VisionPoint.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any web experience. In order to show my dedication, I went home after my first interview and created a mockup of a website based on print work that I’d done before. I guess our Creative Director saw some potential, because I got the job!

After I started, I quickly learned that the Vision Points are what drive the culture that attracted me in the first place. While all nine Vision Points are equally important, there are a few that really hit home for me.


As a professional, I know that I am responsible for doing my best work. While I appreciate our Account Services team and all the work they do to keep our projects on time and on budget, I know that I am accountable for the creative side of things. In order for the team as a whole to produce the best end product possible, everyone needs to be disciplined enough to do their job to the best of their ability. I trust my teammates to work hard every day and I’m proud that they trust me to do the same.

Thirsting for Knowledge

During my interviews with VisionPoint, we talked a lot about the many ways that team members here learn from each other and grow together. It was important to me to find a place where my opinion would be valued and heard. I also wanted to be challenged and given opportunities to learn. I was very fortunate to have had a collaborative learning environment in school and I’m grateful to have found the same support and sense of community at VisionPoint.

Direct and Straightforward (plus Friendly)

One of the first things that all VisionPoint team members learn is how to give feedback. We’re all expected to give and receive feedback (both positive and constructive) on a daily basis. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by people who care enough about their work to share their honest opinions, but who also care enough about me as an individual to share in such a way that helps me improve. I know that I’m welcome and expected to do the same for them.

My first months at VisionPoint have been everything that I hoped for and more. I’m learning so many new things every day and contributing to great work for our clients. I also enjoy working with people who are genuinely nice and have a passion for what they do.