Looking Ahead in 2015: What We’ve Done and Where We’re Going

Posted: January 9, 2015

Tara Clinton


We’re ringing in the New Year by celebrating our past accomplishments and looking ahead for opportunities to deliver greater results in 2015. We believe it’s essential to set goals and not only meet, but exceed expectations. As a company, we have a lot to be proud of and even more to look forward to.

Our Client Work

We had big milestones with clients across the board in 2014. If I tried to list every specific notable accomplishment or deliverable, I’d simply run out of room. From integrated marketing plans that resulted in record-setting numbers of applications, to branding and building awareness of a newly launched Master’s degree program on the other side of the country; every accomplishment is the result of a true partnership between VisionPoint and the institution.

Website launches are always particularly exciting for our team because of the time and collaboration that go into each phase of the project. Below are a few of our favorites from 2014. These projects also provided our team opportunities to learn and grow, which is something we highly value.

This year we have a few projects that are particularly exciting for our team. We’ve already begun to dig into a very hefty university website and intranet strategy and research project. We’re also working on two large-scale university website redesign projects. Both redesigns are currently in the information architecture phase and we’ve got the whole VisionPoint team contributing by researching and brainstorming new and innovative ways ways to create truly unique and amazing experiences.

We’re excited to continue with all of our integrated program and online advertising projects as well. We saw great success with many campaigns in 2014 and look forward to exploring new approaches and ways to produce even better results this year.

Conference Presentations

In 2014 a number of us hit the road to share our knowledge and experience with higher ed marketers across the country. Diane, Tony, Zac, Matt, Justin and I all had the opportunity to represent VisionPoint at conferences and learn valuable lessons from industry experts.

In total, we delivered 12 presentations on 6 different topics at conferences in 11 cities covering all time zones. Take a look at a few of our conference milestones.

  • We were thrilled to be joined by Alissa Arford  from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business to present how we helped the school rebrand and redesign its new website. Alissa was able to join us at CASE II, AACSB and NCMPR D1.
  • We are always excited to speak on website governance with Laurie Clowers from Wake Tech Community College, which we did in sunny Orlando at CASE III. We also had the opportunity to work with OmniUpdate to speak specifically on how to use OU Campus to establish a workflow for content contributors.
  • Pam Hardy  from the California Western School of Law joined us to co-present to a room of over 200 attendees and talk about our collaborative work on their brand messaging, content strategy and website redesign projects at the NAGAP conference in lovely San Diego.
  • Making his conference presentation debut, Justin worked with Noel Manning from Gardner-Webb University on a session that explained the process of developing and implementing an integrated marketing plan at eduWeb in Baltimore.
  • We worked hard to create a new and innovative conference exhibit that would invite attendees to share their challenges with us. We were delighted to have one of the most highly trafficked and engaging booths at AMA’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Austin.

For 2015, in February and March alone we’re scheduled to deliver 7 presentations and 1 workshop at 5 conferences! It’s going to be a ton of work to prepare, but our team is pulling together to ensure that we deliver a valuable session every time. Take a look at some of the great conferences (and fabulous awesome cities) we’ll be traveling to this year.

  • CASE II in Washington, DC
  • CASE III in Orlando, FL
  • OmniUpdate in CA
  • NCMPR in New Orleans, LA
  • eduWeb in Chicago, IL

Our Team

Last year was was a huge growing year for VisionPoint. Take a look at the talented new team members we added!

  • Matt Walters – Account Director & Content Strategist
  • Steven Cobb – Web Developer
  • Jason Katz – Project Manager
  • Nosika Fisher – Director of Technology
  • Micaiah Norby – Project Manager
  • Caroline Weisenhorn – Digital Marketing Specialist

With our team growing so quickly, it’s important to set goals and make a plan for everyone to develop and improve. Each department has a few goals that they plan to work toward this year.

  • Account Services: We will continue to invest heavily in building subject matter experts within the Account Services team with significant focus in website design and development, integrated marketing planning and strategy as well as online media planning and placement – all big growth areas for our clients. Each account VisionPointer will not only know how to manage projects and budgets but also understand the intricacies of the process behind executing a wide variety of strategic marketing solutions.
  • Strategy and IA: We are moving ahead with evolving our information architecture process by making it a more collaborative effort between our internal team the the client team. We believe that by using a more iterative approach, we will be able to produce an even better final product.
  • Design and Content: We are aiming to eliminate silos as much as possible so that design and content development are working side by side to create the best user experience possible. Ultimately, we want to produce memorable, functional and innovative experiences that showcase what is unique about the institution.
  • Technology: The tech team is focusing on improving our web development processes and is continuously expanding our knowledge on a variety of different CMSes by building partnerships with CMS vendors, both open source and enterprise level. We are improving our already strong front-end skills to stay ahead of the curve in the most recent front-end web techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and SVG.

All that we’ve accomplished in the past makes us even more motivated to improve in the future. We’ve set our goals high and we intend to meet them. Stay tuned to see what we’ll do in 2015. (Spoiler alert, we’ll be launching a new and improved VisionPoint website that you won’t want to miss!)