With all of the stellar work our team produces on a consistent basis at VisionPoint, it’s vital to our success that our office turns with the utmost efficiency, and our office manager, Kaitlyn makes that happen. 

As our internal master of the details, Kaitlyn makes sure everything is buttoned up: business travel, accounts receivable, accounts payable, expenses, new business opportunities, office events, facilities management and more. Her meticulous focus and dedication to doing the right thing keeps crucial details from slipping through the cracks. Ever conscientious and consistent, Kaitlyn also supports our team’s lead executives with the wealth of tasks they perform in order to optimize the services we provide our clients. 

“Being the office manager allows me to have a hand in nearly every aspect of VisionPoint,” Kaitlyn says. “From team-building excursion planning to new business explorations, I’m working hand-in-hand with each VisionPointer to build excellent employee and client experiences.” 

Kaitlyn started her career at VisionPoint as an intern, followed by being a contractor. We quickly realized she was invaluable at keeping our administrative tasks running smoothly and we’re thrilled to have her full time. Before coming to VisionPoint, Kaitlyn honed her attention to detail and managing many processes as her job as an Amazon associate. 

Kaitlyn is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Asheville, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Language. Kaitlyn’s detailed nature means she’s not only a world-class office manager, but also a talented knowledge bank of song lyrics. When Kaitlyn isn’t in the office, you might find her seeing a concert for one of her favorite bands.