Introducing the New CEO of VisionPoint Marketing

Posted: January 6, 2021

Diane Kuehn Founder & Chairman


As we open business for an exciting 2021 – the year VisionPoint Marketing turns 20 years old – I am thrilled to announce that Craig Heldman has been hired as VisionPoint’s new Chief Executive Officer.

When we set out to find VisionPoint’s next CEO, it was important that we find not only an exceptional executive leader capable of growing an already thriving group like ours, but also someone with a deep insight into the challenges and opportunities our clients are facing and a passion for helping them succeed. Most important, we sought a leader who embodies our values with authenticity. I’m convinced we’ve found the perfect leader in Craig, a person who exceeds even those lofty expectations.

First, Craig is immensely qualified. He has devoted his entire career to leading and growing successful businesses that support educational institutions. Before joining the VisionPoint team, Craig spent over two decades at Hobsons, as US President and then CEO. Craig joined Hobsons when it was essentially an electronic publisher in startup mode. During Craig’s tenure, Hobsons grew to become the industry’s leader in K-12 college and career readiness as well as enrollment and retention technology in higher education. Craig then served as CEO of iModules, reestablishing the company’s place as the market’s leading alumni engagement platform.

Like VisionPoint itself, Craig has spent his professional life at the intersection of marketing, enrollment, advancement, and technology. Throughout his career, Craig’s teams have shown a knack for finding solutions to institutions’ toughest challenges, particularly at those tricky places where cross-functional interests overlap and tend to collide. That makes him uniquely suited to lead VisionPoint, with our hard-earned reputation for next-level consultation and goal-driven solutions across the full spectrum of brand, marketing, admissions, and advancement challenges our clients face.

As higher education grows more competitive, our conviction is that the winners will be those institutions willing to work beyond silos, using smarter tools and predictive data in more sophisticated ways to inform where to invest (and where not to invest) resources, time, and collaborative energy in pursuit of shared goals. Craig embodies that conviction.

Even beyond his qualifications, though, Craig brings the most important quality we were seeking in a CEO: he shares our passion for our clients’ educational mission. Craig is a self-proclaimed educational lifer, devoting his career to the belief that education has the power to change our world for the better.

As for me, I am excited to become VisionPoint’s chairman. Far from stepping back, I will remain highly engaged, as Craig’s day-to-day leadership will allow me time to foster deeper relationships around the industry while consulting, writing, speaking, and sharing insights on the emerging trends and exciting changes in higher education.

As we celebrate two decades of VisionPoint, I’m more optimistic than ever about the future – both for our agency and our industry. Together, Craig and our leadership team will continue growing and shaping VisionPoint to do game-changing work with our clients, so they can do life-changing work with their students. We’ll continue combining next-level data analytics sophistication with the essential suite of services in brand, web, advertising, and enrollment marketing to help our clients achieve sustainable enrollment growth.

Most important, we’ll continue living our conviction, as Craig puts it, that higher education is the best hope for our world and our future.