Intern Reports 6 ‘Summer Superlatives’

Posted: August 12, 2011


With my resume in hand, work samples stapled neatly in a folder and tie around my neck, I walked through VisionPoint’s doors shortly after returning home from school for my summer vacation. My interview went well and I came home relieved to have landed a final internship before my graduation this May.

During the first few days of work at VisionPoint, I can admit that I experienced a little bit of culture shock. Not only did I need to learn the quirky personalities of the VisionPointers, I also had to speak their language as I acquired a new vocabulary of web lingo and industry buzz words.

The agency setting is a markedly different work environment than what I was used to. And to be honest, sometimes it can be a little crazy. On this, my last day at VisionPoint, I can hit the high points of my experience in with the following Summer Superlatives:

Best Buzz Word: Robust — ro·bust (Adjective)

Used in a sentence: “We’re looking for a dynamic software solution to this SEO challenge that’s robust and comprehensive.”

Best Free Lunch: The Pit
The team took the interns out for a farewell lunch to one of Raleigh’s best-known barbeque restaurants, The Pit. I went for the beef brisket and pulled pork with fried okra and mac ‘n cheese. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day fighting off a food coma.

Best Inside Joke: Being called Jason all summer
It’s great to intern at a small company. You can interact with everyone in some meaningful way. When Tommy, excuse me, Tony Poillucci decided to change my name to Jason, he obliged my decision to change his to Tommy. Needless to say, it stuck and as far as account services are concerned, our nick names are interchangeable.

Most Awkward Moment: Introducing myself to an important client 
I pulled out my headphones and turned around to meet a really important client visiting the office and, caught by surprise, painfully stumbled my way through an introduction.

Best VisionPoint Perk: 10 Year Celebration
To celebrate 10 years in business, VisionPointers took a day and a half off of work to ride jet skis, barbeque, hang out by the lake and enjoy a fancy dinner.

The celebration went off without a hitch, except for that one point when I found myself in the middle of the lake with a flipped jet ski and a fellow intern who failed to mention she couldn’t swim when she climbed aboard. (You’re welcome Lysan.)

Best Project: Higher education social media strategy
Tweeting, tracking and documenting our social media process for higher education clients was challenging but extremely rewarding. If I were you, I’d #followme @JHerberg.

My 12 week VisionPoint summer was a combination of hard work, learning new skills and absolute silliness. I owe Diane, “Tommy”, of course my VisionPoint buddy who put up with my shenanigans, Ashlee, and the entire team thanks for an incredible experience – one that I believe will positively impact my career.