Breaking News: Instagram is Updating Videos!

Posted: September 21, 2022

Joy George Proofreader

When Instagram first became popular, it was a photo-sharing app. Looking for a picture of a mouth-watering steak or a breath-taking sunset? Instagram was where you went.

Recently, though, Instagram decided to move more towards their Reels (video posts) feature, hoping to pick up on some TikTok popularity. And the changes can seem big. Even though the adjustments may feel daunting, it’s important that you’re up to the challenge of using Instagram in this new way.

Why? 71% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29 and 58% of respondents to a Facebook survey said they become more interested in a product when they see it on Instagram. Many of your potential future students also love to see Instagram accounts “taken over” by students for a different perspective into what their school is like. Meaning there’s a huge chance for positive engagement and trust-building on the platform.

Now, change can be good, but with the speed at which social media changes, it’s important to stay on top of it to ensure you’re getting the most engagement you can with your students, alumni, and potential future students.


The big change on Instagram is that the platform is going all-in on Reels. Public accounts get a dedicated place where their Reels will be housed. And, Instagram wants users making and interacting with videos. Currently, Instagram has videos and Reels, but those two forms are merging. Here’s what that means for your Instagram account going forward:

  • Any new videos less than 15 minutes will become Reels. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen!
  • Any photos and videos can be used by others to remix unless the privilege is turned off.
    • You can turn this off on specific posts or by making it an overall setting for your Instagram account.
    • New tools to remix videos are available!
    • Tip: Plan your videos to be fully-vertical. Any horizontal videos will get letter-boxed making them smaller and harder to see.

These new tools mean you’ve got the opportunity to think of your school’s social media in a new way! Having foresight to plan videos that students and alumni will want to remix is a huge chance to engage with your audience on social media. Start the wave! Start your school song! What about the chant everyone says or your famous marching band routines? Watch others join in and grow your following even more!

Instagram’s new video remixing tools are:

  • A green screen to allow you to plan your background.
  • Horizontal or vertical split screen – plan those stadium Reels now!
  • Front and back cameras work simultaneously to film something and show your reaction at the same time.

While it may take a bit of practice, planning, and reimagining to get your new Instagram Reels working for new engagement, the possibilities are endless when it comes to interacting with your audiences in a new way with Instagram’s changes.


Do these changes to Instagram sound daunting for your institution? We’ve spent the last 21 years in higher ed marketing and would love to consult with you on solving these challenges together. Email to learn more.