VisionPoint Rises to Top 3% of Marketing Agencies With Google Premier Partnership

Posted: March 8, 2023

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In early 2023, VisionPoint Marketing earned Google Premier Partner status for our expertise in digital marketing campaign management – a feat only the top 3% of digital marketers in our country receive, demonstrating our commitment to attaining product expertise, driving client growth, and helping our clients succeed with Google Ads.

How does Google select Premier Partners?

To determine which advertisers win this distinction Google takes several factors into consideration: the frequency and types of optimizations or changes made to a campaign during a given time, the size of revenue, the growth of our campaigns, and the health of the campaigns. Are best practices being followed? Are campaigns driving better results year over year? Are there more conversions with lower costs per conversion? With all that in mind, Google then awards premier partner status yearly.

“It’s the gold standard, if you will, of how an advertiser or a marketing agency administers paid advertising campaigns across the whole gamut of advertising channels. It’s a significant recognition. I’m really proud of the team,” says VisionPoint Marketing’s Vice President of Media & Process Excellence Chriss Thompson.

Best Practices and Optimizations and Certifications (Oh My!)

While VisionPoint Marketing has been a digital marketing agency since our inception over 21 years ago, Chriss adds, “in 2019 we began focusing efforts on changing the way we do things. We focused on areas of best practices and changed the type of campaigns we run and what we focus on. Through continuous learning and optimizations, maintaining Google Ad certifications, and ensuring the right Digital Marketing Specialist(DMS) is assigned to the right campaigns,” VisionPoint is able to maximize success for our client partners.

The culmination of our “set it and forget it is offensive” belief, optimizations to our client partners’ campaigns can be made weekly and sometimes more often. “We’re in there every week analyzing each campaign. Optimizations are really important, but at the same time, there’s also a strategic approach. We don’t change things for change’s sake. We’re strategic to the changes we make.”

Chriss Thompson has been boldly leading our media team for nearly four years.

It’s that focus on best practices that gives VisionPoint Marketing an edge. Our DMSs are offered cross-training opportunities, and they document best practices and communicate on those multiple times a week. The “This Week in Optimizations” weekly review they have allows a conversation around what best practices are working or where things are changing and maybe one way that worked in the past isn’t as effective anymore.

We Nurture Right-Fit Audiences With a Full-Funnel Approach

Chriss says there’s one major thing that allowed VisionPoint Marketing to win this prestigious distinction. “We take a full-funnel approach. We get right-fit audiences interested by raising awareness across all digital advertising channels, even outside of Google. When they see the ad next time on a Google platform, they’ve already ingrained the positive impression. We’ve already done our work in the top funnel to make those interactions in the mid and bottom funnel that much more effective.”

Google recognizes that we’re doing the work across all platforms (including Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, etc.). Bringing them in through those channels and nurturing those interactions through Google allows for advertising to cost less for conversions when prospective students have seen the ads before.

Our creative team works hand-in-hand with our media team to ensure top-tier ad performance.

And, we don’t want to brag, but we’ve definitely succeeded in this for our client partners and with our Google Premier Partnership, our ability to maintain this performance and distinction while maximizing for our client partners is that much stronger. With this distinction comes a dedicated Google support team that will provide further support and training. We’ll also beta test new Google ideas, structuring campaigns in new ways to experiment with innovative advertising techniques. The credits we receive will be passed along to our client partners, and we’re looking forward to bringing our Google team to Raleigh to meet with some of our client partners to talk about the state of digital marketing for higher education.

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