#ForcedFunFriday : Spring Cleaning

Posted: May 18, 2015

Tara Clinton


This month, the fun was a little more forced than usual. A list of spring cleaning chores went out on Wednesday to help the team prepare for their various tasks at the end of the week. From painting and mopping to sorting and organizing, we gave the office a mini-makeover.

The Server Room

This small closet houses all of our tech equipment, office supplies, cleaning products and a complex maze of wires and monitors that keep our files safe and secure. In order to keep track of everything, Gail and I took on the daunting challenge of cleaning out and sorting the chaos that had built up over time. We’re proud to report that all of our supplies are now neatly stored and labeled in boxes and bins.

The Kitchen

Arguably the most important room in the office, the kitchen houses our food, coffee and microwave. A successful business simply can’t function without a top notch kitchen. Who knew that our developers not only excel at coding, but are also experts at kitchen maintenance. Thanks to Chris and Steven, we now have a spotless fridge and shiny clean floors to match.

The Video Storage

If you’re familiar with video, then you know how much equipment goes into a top quality production. We’ve got a small mountain of boxes with every video tool you can imagine. The problem is, Mt. Video is sitting right between two desks and taking up valuable collaboration space. Who better than Matt and Diane to take inventory of all our gear and figure out what to do with it.

The Conference Room

You’ve seen pictures, so you know that our conference room is a high traffic area with endless glass surfaces that seem to attract smudges and fingerprints even when we’re not in the room. Tony and Luis took it upon themselves to disassemble and clean the table, mop the floor and repaint the white wall. Two out of three’s not bad. The white wall remains smudged, but the table and floor are immaculate!

The Lights

While many of our team members fear the strange glow of fluorescent lights, the big bulbs do eventually burn out. Jason and Justin were charged with checking and changing all of the lights in the office. How many VisionPointers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Apparently, it only takes two.

The Foyer

Since I’ve been here, the entryway to the office has been a calming shade of blue that does not match any of our other brand elements. For the same amount of time, I’ve been listening to Tony complain about how much he hates the color. Zac and Macaiah used their masterful painting skills to cover half of the foyer with a fresh coat of white paint. Completing the new paint job is tentatively scheduled for next week. Until then, the letters that once welcomed visitors to the office will sit quietly on a chair in the lobby.