#ForcedFunFriday : Game Time

Posted: January 23, 2015

Tara Clinton


Business professionals and productivity experts all over the world understand the importance of providing opportunities for personal growth and fun in the workplace. Research has proven that employees who enjoy their jobs and feel empowered to learn are more productive and produce better results.

We love our work and our clients, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break, stretch our legs and enjoy the people we work with.

We’ve decided to set aside four hours during one Friday each month for the whole VisionPoint staff to focus on growth and team building. The first two hours are dedicated to professional development. We use this time to research, read, study and practice skills that will make us better at our jobs every day. The next two hours are for the team to take a break and just have a good time. This monthly endeavour has been given the affectionate title of Forced Fun Friday.

The first #ForcedFunFriday of 2015 took place last week. Each VisionPointer brought in a board game or card game to share. At 3:00 pm, everyone piled into the Conference Room to grab some party snacks and pick their games.

The results are in…

Game: Back to the Future: The Card Game
Players: Chris, Steven, Dwight, Caroline
Winner: Steven (who has never actually seen Back to the Future)

Game: Apples to Apples
Players: Nosika, Clara, Micaiah, Zac, Tara, Justin, Gail
Winner: Zac and/or Gail (they both had a ton of cards but we didn’t record the final count)

Game: Poker
Players: Tony, Matt, Jason, Devin and Aliana (Tony’s kids)
Winner: We’re not totally sure. Probably Aliana (with her bold and fearless betting strategy) but definitely not Matt (who attempted to barter for vacation days)

Next month’s #ForcedFunFriday is scheduled for February 13th and the theme is Valentine’s Day. We’ll enjoy delicious fondue and make home-made valentines for our loved ones. Stay tuned for more upcoming events!